Hey you! Welcome to BarrAbove - a safe and welcoming brand for all. Here, we take action to break stigmas surrounding:

recovery and sobriety, mental health, fighting for equality (LGBTQIA+ & BLM) and self love.

We do this in fun-loving and creative ways:

The BarrAbove podcast.

Resources for all stigmas.

The 'Sober Shares' blog.   and just launched...

BarrNoneCo merchandise - designed for the outspoken.

Have a fun time exploring (& maybe learn something new!).

& as always, feel free to contact me for anything.

BarrAbove brand represents a safe place for all communities.

If you feel like you 'don't fit in' - you do here.

With love, Alexandra

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Welcome to the Barr Above family!

Sober Shares & Blog